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Trapped with My Billionaire Ex-Husband by Mariya Mercedes

Chapter 33
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Chapter 33


As expected, Sebastian didn’t sleep in our room last night. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out where

he spent the night. I woke up next to a cold, empty bed. I looked at the wall clock to check the time. It’s

seven in the morning. I’m not sure what time I went to sleep last night. My b*dy is aching, and my head

is heavy. I feel like I only had two hours of sleep.

Despite the heaviness that I’m feeling right now, I forced myself to get up. I’ve been thinking a lot since

last night, and I came to the decision that I’ll start claiming what is. rightfully mine. For the last week

that Sebastian and I spent together, I know that I already managed to carve a place for me in his heart.

It may not be as deep as what he and Catherine shared, but I firmly believe that I can convince him to

choose me.

Regardless of whether Catherine needs our help or not, I will not allow her to take my husband away

from me. I am still his wife, and I should start acting like one.

I get up from the bed and go straight to my bathroom. I clean up, wash my face, and brush my teeth.

It’s probably because I brushed my tongue so much that I gagged. Ifeel like I’m about to throw up, but

I’m glad it didn’t happen. I quickly rinse my mouth with water before drying it up with a towel. Once I’m

done, I immediately leave the bathroom and go to the closet.

I changed into a comfortable dress, then tied my hair up. I looked at my reflection one. last time. Once

I’m satisfied, I go outside to find Sebastian. I already have an idea where he stayed last night, so that’s

where I am going.

Just when I was about to knock on Catherine’s door, it suddenly opened, revealing Catherine on the

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other side of the door. She was wearing a wicked smirk upon greeting me. She quickly went out of the

room and closed the door behind her.

“What are you doing here, Blaire?” she asked.

“Am I not allowed to visit any room inside my house?” I deliberately put stress on my words to remind

her that this house is mine.

“Of course you are, dear. But I’m not sure why you are visiting my room.”

“Don’t be coy, Catherine. We both know the reason why I am here,” I told her frankly. “Where’s my


“I don’t understand what you mean by that, Blaire,” she said.

I arched my eyebrow, not believing a single word she uttered. She’s denying it, but I can. see in her

eyes how she gloats that my husband stayed with her last night.

Chapter 33

“Stop acting so innocent, Catherine. You’re far from that. Don’t forget that you’re standing inside my

house. Now, know your place and tell me where the fck is my husband!” I yelled at her. My breathing

was heavy once I’d finished saying what I wanted to say.

“What’s going on there?”

Catherine and I turned in the same direction at once when we heard Sebastian’s voice. I shove

Catherine on the side so I can open the door and talk to Sebastian. Sebastian was already standing on

the other side of the room when I opened the door. I was just about to open Mouth when I noticed

Sebastian’s eyes widen in shock. I was so confused

that I had no idea what happened next.

“Catherine!” Sebastian shouted. He shoved me to the side and immediately went to Catherine. I winced

in pain when my back hit the wall.

By then, I still had no idea what caused him to react that way-not until I saw Catherine lying on the

floor. I arched my eyebrow as I tried to remind her if I had pushed her too hard for her to fall to the floor


“What happened here?” Sebastian looked at me with accusing eyes.

I was about to explain myself when Catherine interrupted. “It’s my fault, Sebastian. She was asking me

about you, and I’m trying not to hurt her feelings. I know she wouldn’t like it if I told her that you slept in

my room last night. So, I didn’t tell her the truth. I’m sure she didn’t mean to push me.”

“What the hell is wrong with you, Blaire? You know, Catherine just got out of the hospital. I was just

trying to help her!” Sebastian yelled at me.

“That is not what happened! I didn’t even push her that hard,” I denied.

“That hard? Does that mean you really pushed her?” Sebastian asked.

“I was just trying to push her to the side so I could open the door. It wasn’t that hard!” I insisted.

“Yeah, so you’re telling me Catherine just laid here on purpose?”

“Possibly! Who knows what she’s capable of? She lied about you and her having a child. It’s possible

that she’s lying about her sickness as well.”

“Quit this nonsense! Are you out of your mind, Blaire? What are you talking about? What child?”

“I left because Catherine said she’s pregnant with your child. That’s the reason I left, Sebastian. Can’t

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you see? She’s doing it again. She’s trying to break us up by painting me


Chapter 33

as the bad guy. She’s doing it to herself!”

Sebastian stared at me for what felt like forever. I was holding my breath while waiting for his response.

“Stop making up stories, Blaire. Catherine already warned me about this, but I

defended you and told her you wouldn’t do that. But here we are; you’re doing exactly what she said.”

The shock of Sebastian’s stern words reverberated through me, and disbelief clung to my every

thought. Catherine’s influence seemed to have worked swiftly, like a spell cast in the shadows of the

night. Desperation fueled my plea as I tried to reach Sebastian and break free from the manipulative

grasp that had taken hold.

“Wait, Sebastian! You have to believe me!” My voice carried the urgency of a truth I feared was slipping

away, entangled in the web Catherine had skillfully woven.

“That’s enough, Blaire! If you try to lay a hand on Catherine again, I don’t know what I will do to you.”

Sebastian’s warning cut through the night air, a chilling declaration that left me frozen in place.

He guided Catherine into her room, shutting the door with a resounding finality. The corridor stretched

out before me, an empty expanse echoing the hollowness of my attempts to salvage what remained of

our connection.

“Sebastian, we need to talk. I attempted to plead, my words trailing off as the door slammed shut,

severing any chance of a conversation. The coldness of the wood against. my outstretched hand

mirrored the emotional barrier that had now firmly settled. between us.