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The Substitute Bride Doted by My billionaire Husband

Chapter 32
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Chapter 32 Many Woman Around Him

The crowd had dispersed, Patrick helped Pearl up and inquired,

“Are you alright?”

Pearl shook her head,

“It’s alright sir.”

“I’ve booked a room here. You can go wash up first. I’ll have someone buy you a new set of clothes. After

then go to the hospital. You have many injuries.”

Pearl stared at Patrick in a daze. Although she was always clinging to Gabriella, she had never spoken

to Patrick.

Pearl thanked him with a pale face,

“Okay, thank you sir.”

Patrick left the room for Pearl and went to socialize. It was a presidential suite.

Pearl had never lived in a presidential suite. Everything thing here made her feel the life of the upper

class. Soon, Patrick’s secretary came in with a dress.

Pearl looked at the brand. It was an international brand. She entered the bathroom and took a shower.

She washed away all the dirt and humiliation that Gabriella had left on her body.

She looked herself in the mirror. Her slapped face had reddened. But that couldn’t stop hide her beauty.

Thinking of the humiliation that she had faced, she clenched her fists. Because she came from a poor

family, everyone could bully her.

She did want to live such life anymore. Now, she had the golden opportunity right in front of her.

She wanted to be with Patrick!

The thoughts of her becoming a Hart, and Gabriella and Olive’s step mother made her smile.

Patrick has returned to the presidential suite after the party. He drank a lot of wine and fell on the bed.

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His phone rang, and it was Monica calling. He didn’t answer the call. Since the last time he had slapped

her outside the hotel, Monica had been making trouble with him.

Monica had the capital. I’m recent years, she had used her connections to secure Patrick lots of

buisness deals. But he still couldn’t forget his ex–wife, and that made Monica furious.

The phone was so loud that Patrick immediately turned it off, ignoring Monica.

He took out his wallet and stared at the picture in it. In the photo was Olive’s mother, Trisha.

The picture was taken on a certain summer afternoon, Trisha was sitting on wicker chair which was

covered with flowers, she held a medical book.

Olive looked so much like her. Patrick’s fingers fondly caressed every inch of Trisha’s eyebrows.

Pearl walked out of the bathroom and came to the bedside. Patrick was already asleep, but he

murmured Trisha’s


Pearl reached out and took off Patrick’s clothes. Patrick though in his forties, had been exercising

frequently. His muscles hadn’t slack at all, and he was mature and powerful.

Patrick suddenly grabbed her and said,

“Who are you?”

Pearl didn’t expect Patrick to wake up, she panicked,

“Uncle, it’s me, I…”

“Trisha, are you back?”

Patrick pulled Pearl into his arms and pressed her under him.

Chapter 32 Many Woman Around Him


Olive heard about Gabriella’s violent beating of Pearl. The plastic sisters really couldn’t stand the test at

all. Neither of them disappointed her.

Olive didn’t feel the slightest sympathy for Pearl. Pearl could have lived with dignity, but she was greedy

and vain. Olive planned to go see Pearl, but Derrick saw her and then walked to her.

“Olly, I finally found you.”

“Derrick, why are looking for me?”

Derrick grabbed Olive’s little hand and said,

“Let’s go. I wanna take you to see someone.”

Olive quickly avoided his pull and took a step back.

“Derrick, you look so impatient. Don’t touch me, if you want me to go with you.”

Derrick obviously was in a good mood, he didn’t care much about her attitude. He took his hands away

from her and said,

“Let’s go then.”

Olive followed.

They arrived at the door of a luxurious room. Derrick pursed his lips,

“Olive, see for yourself.”

Olive looked into the room. There was a smell of smoke inside. They were all Los Angeles dignitaries.

Several men were playing cards, amongst them was a familiar figure, Elvis Augustine.

He hadn’t gone home for two days.

There were few beautiful dressed ladies. They were the top cards of KissLand.

Elvis also had two beauties beside him. Olive felt a needle pierce into her heart. The pain was not

obvious, but it was so dense that her eyes turned red.

Olive turned and ran away, not wanting to look further.

Derrick followed her. He had just wanted seeing her sad and lost face, but now that he beheld it, he felt

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“Olive, do you like him?”

Olive turned to look at Derrick,

“Yes, I like him. What does this have to do with you?”

“Olive, you’ve seen it too. He’s just toying with you. For a man like him, there’s no shortage of women.

What is there for you to like about this kind of man?”

Olive’s eyes were reddened. She knew that he had a woman outside, but she couldn’t control her

feelings for him.

“Derrick, I guess you’re satisfied. And if you’re satisfied, you can as well get out. I just like him, and not


Derrick’s face had clouded with gloom. He sneered,

“Olive, I really shouldn’t have bothered coming to you. You can go ahead and continue in your

obsession. Two days from now is my engagement party. Make sure to attend.”

Derrick left angrily.

Olive was leaning against the wall, and her head bowed. It turned out that this was how it felt to be

heartbroken. Elvis, a man made her heartache.

The bar manager shoved a glass of wine into Olive’s hand,

What are you still doing here? The luxurious room is waiting for you to deliver the wine. This room is

filled with socialites from LA, serve carefully.”

Chapter 32 Many Woman Around Him

The bar manager had mistook Olive for a staff and before she utter a word, he had pushed her into the


The noise at the door attracted the men at the poker table. Amongst then was Harry, he eyes lit up when

saw Olive. He notified the man opposite,

“Bro, guess who’s here?”