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The Prince’s Unwilling mate by Mutya

Chapter 8
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Griffin 8

For the last few days, I have been waking up achy like I have been training too hard. Mom has noticed

and she is worried about me. She thinks I might have been overdoing myself in preparation for the

royal ball. Probably because this is the first event I have gotten personally involved with. Up until this

ball, I hated preparing for balls, or going to them for that matter. Because I am introvert at heart. It is the

one thing you shouldn’t be as the Crown Prince. Mom and Dad have hired many tutors to make me a

more sociable guy. It helped to the extent that they’ve shown me how to behave during another boring

grand ball. They did not teach me to stop counting down the minutes until I could retreat to my

chambers. Nor did they teach me to like the endless string of a ss-k*ssers.

Of course, most Alpha’s were good Alpha’s proud of their packs. I would look at them and feel a pang

of jealousy when they were dancing with their Luna’s. I would envy the soft smiles their Luna’s would

give them. Or something that made me even more bitter, is seeing couples whisper and giggle and

share silly little inside jokes. I’ ve got mother’s terrible sense of humor. Dad laughs at all her jokes like

they are the funniest things he has ever heard. And this ball was my very last chance to get something

like that. And that is the reason I have been more involved with this ball. My first chance to impress my

mate. I need to cling to the hope of finally finding her at this ball. I did more than hoping though. Just as

I did the very first night after finding out that I hate one final chance of meeting my second chance

mate. I have been praying to the Moon Goddess every night, Bringing her offerings. And I have sent

every staff member my parents could miss, whom I fully trust to bring the invitations personally. To both

get as many she-wolves to come to the ball as possible, and to scope out the packs. They would never

find my mate without me, I just like the idea


11:45 T

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of knowing more about her pack when I do.

Slowly but surely I am getting sure of the fact that I will find my mate. Everyone around me says I have

my head in the cloud. That I am a hopeless romantic and that I need to consider the possibility of

choosing a chosen mate. I will I promised my parents and I am not someone that goes back on his

word. But I will wait until the clock strikes midnight I do not find my fated mate before that time.

Thinking of it maybe I should stop thinking about her as my second chance mate. Maybe I should just

refer to her as my fated mate. To not make it sound like she was second best, or a second choice.

I hated how I was reconsidering everything, it was just the pressure of finding her. And making the right

impression was getting to me. Normally when you find your mate you have the time to get to know

each other before you complete the mating process. My parents wanted me to complete the mating

process within a month. Meaning I had to convince a girl to move in with me, leave her own pack

behind, and fully accept me as her mate within a month. Come to think of it with all of the stress about

this, and all the extra work I was taking on. Maybe Mom was right, maybe I was waking up sore and

achy because of all I was doing.

It didn’t stop me from giving my all though, now I was nervously looking around in my room.

Questioning whether I would just pick a different room for me and my mate to move into. Or if I should

move some of my personal belongings so my mate could have her personal stuff and make it our room.

“You’re room is empty enough as it is your highness”

I turned around happy to hear Dillion’s voice again. He could read me like an open book. He just got

me, just how seeing my back he knew I was doubting my room being ready enough for my Luna, my

mate. He also was the last of my messengers returning from hand delivering the invitations to my ball.



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“So how was it” I asked him sitting down on the bed signalling for him

to sit down next to me.

At first, he told me how he expected there to be a bunch of unmated she-wolves. Word had spread

around quickly and just like the others told me. All the Alpha’s confirmed that there were several

unmated she-wolves from their pack who would attend the ball. The number of guests that we

expected was becoming nerve-wracking. It would all be worth it though if it meant finding my mate,

After telling me the same boring stuff all the others had told me he smirked at me. He fell back on my

bed until he was lying down with only his feet on the ground.

“I know you are praying for a fated mate, and you know I hope you find her Griff. I want you to have the

same happiness as I have” He started and I knew what he was going to say.

Dillion recently found his fated mate, a guy. He has confided in being attracted to both male and female

wolves before. That never stopped him from being faithful to his mate. To wait until he met them. But it

had made them nervous not knowing what he needed to look out for. Until he met Collin he had the

moment I was dreaming of where he instantly knew who his mate was. Luckily Collin didn’t have an

issue with moving to the castle. They had completed their mating process and were as happy as could

be. Now that happily mated wolf was lying on my bed about to tell me I should not hope to find what he

has and choose a random mate.

“Moon Goddess knows that I want you to find her. But if you don’t I met a girl and I wouldn’t mind her

being our queen. She seems right up your alley too.”

Then he tells me all about the small wolf being attacked by five other wolves. How she never backed

down, how the royal emblem on his coat never made her change her attitude towards him.

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Griffin 8

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“Not that she was rude to me, not at all. She is a little firecracker though. You need someone who helps

you get your head out of your own as s sometimes” He chuckles.

Sure the girl sounds like a fun person to be around. And I hate wolves who gang up on someone else.

Trying to fight an unfair fight. I agree to let Dillion point out who the girl is but I make him promise to

only do so at the end of the night. She has told him she is coming to the ball. She has been rejected by

her mate and I do wonder what the reason is. I cannot imagine seeing the one person the Moon

Goddess herself thinks completes me. Only to reject her without ever giving her a chance. She must

have done something terrible without any excuse to have done so and without any remorse.

“Imagine getting rejected, that must be the worst feeling in the world even worse than finding out your

mate has died before you’ve met them,” I say out loud.

More to myself than to Dillion. It gives me another thing to worry about. What if I find my fated mate and

she rejects me? I shake my head, I cannot be worrying about yet another thing. I cannot be praying to

the Mo onGoddess whilst doubting the mate I hope she picked out for me. The rest of the day against

Dillion’s advice I clear out some personal stuff from my room. Making sure my mate will feel welcome

enough to put her own stuff in OUR room. It was the last thing I needed to settle before the ball so now

all that is left to do is count down the last five days until the ball. And praying and bringing my offers to

the M oonGoddess Selene.