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The Prince’s Unwilling mate by Mutya

Chapter 19
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Griffin 19

“I didn’t get around to checking my emails before you left the castle. The Alpha of the BloodMoon pack

sent us an email, letting us know she is no longer a part of his pack. Stating she chose to do so. Which

means you’re mate is about to become a rogue.” Dad told me and I could tell he was worried.

I knew if she just came home, I could offer her to join my pack. I understand she wouldn’t want to come

and live in my pack as my mate just yet. We would find a solution to that problem. Also, this means she

can live with her grandparents if she is not ready to come and live with the SilverMoon pack. She won’t

become a rogue and lose herself right away. But with no one knowing where she is, it is an extra cause

for worry. To think that, that slimy piece of sh it Alpha acted like he did. Trying to pawn off one of his

other she-wolves to me. Knowing he made my mate homeless. He won’t be an Alpha much longer if it

was up to me I would just run into his office now and rip his throat out. If dad hadn’t told me he was

going to visit the pack as soon as everything with my mate got settled to appoint a new Alpha of the

Blood Moon pack. I would have lived out that fantasy, I would have killed him without any remorse.

Dad was right though handling this the political way was smarter. Not just for us but this way the pack

would benefit from it too. As royals, we have a duty to uphold, a duty to protect our people. Killing this

pack’s Alpha would just mean his son was going to take over. Under his command, the pack would

probably be worse off. Besides, even as a prince, I wouldn’t be able to just get away with killing another

wolf. I would need to have a strong reason to do so. Hurting one’s mate usually is deemed as a good

enough reason but it would mean I needed to air out Ayla’s business and I know she would never want

that. After

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spending a few minutes trying to regain my composure I go back inside. I need to tell my future

parents-in-law exactly what their Alpha has done.

“This does not change anything darling, we will stick to the plan. We just need to make sure we can

reach out to Ayla in time” Jay tells his

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At first, it confuses me but I soon find out that after the day they found out Ayla was being attacked and

beaten to the point her b*dy had trouble recovering. They formed a plan to make sure Ayla was able to

find a way to go and live with her grandparents. The fact that my mate already had a backup plan so

she wouldn’t become a rogue was comforting. I didn’t even care about the fact that coming to my ball

was merely a decoy. But I did worry that she still hadn’t reached out to anyone. Her phone was still shut

off and she never arrived at her Uncle’s pack.

Dad knew the Hemmings as I did not know her name until Jessa told me on the flight here. I never told

him. Now Alpha Phill*p’s email had mentioned Ayla’s full name. It made me happy to hear that Dad

spoke very highly about both the WhiteOak pack and Ayla’s direct family. In all honestly if it had not

been for the worries about my mate now, I would have loved my time here. Sure I could never come

back to this pack not without hurting the Alpha and his son. Still, I hoped that I could get to know my

mate’s family a little better. All during dinner they kept staring at their phones. Probably hoping to get a

message from their family to tell them Ayla was with them. That she arrived at the White Oak pack, the

atmosphere was tense even if we went outside of the background to eat.

In an attempt to lighten the mood a little bit, Tessie told us more about Ayla. What she liked, what she

was like when she was just a little pup. By the time we were all walking back to the Hemming’s home,

we were all smiling and chatting. Up until I noticed a familiar silhouette



Griffin 19

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standing in front of their front door. It seemed like Phill*p and his family were deadset on setting me off.

Like they wouldn’t give it a break until I snapped at them. After his only weaseling and a ss-k*ssing.

With his son as a backup, it now was his mate, his Luna who was waiting for us. Instinctually I knew

this wasn’t about Ayla or not in the sense that the Luna of the pack had heard something disturbing she

wanted to alert us about.

“Crown Prince Griffin, could I please speak to you for a moment” She asked me in a sugary sweet tone.

Stepping away from the Hemming’s porch to make it clear she intended this to be a private

conversation between the two of us. Sending his mate was the only smart thing I think Alpha Phill*p

has ever done it was far less likely for me to attack a she-wolf. That didn’t mean I wanted to listen to

her tell me what was wrong with my mate, how they knew of a better chosen mate than her. She was

as stubborn as her mate. She refused to walk away or walk inside so that we all could hear what she

had to say. Jay was the one to tell me to just go and listen to what she had to say. I still wasn’t thrilled

about the prospect but the events of the past two days had worn me out. And I would be sleeping in my

mate’s room. Meaning I would be surrounded by her scent. I would be able to learn more about her.

See what she likes. The sooner the conversation with this so-called Luna was over the sooner I could

retire to bed.

As I expected nothing good came from the conversation with Luna Jenna Birch. She had the audacity

to suggest I would choose Hannah as my mate. Everyone in her family knew how much Hannah had

hurt my mate. Just as they were all very aware that it was my mate she had hurt that badly. And that I

wanted to be with my fated mate above all. I no longer had the energy to keep up appearances with

this woman. I snarled at her, telling her I knew exactly what vile bi ch she tried to pawn off to me.

Griffin 19

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“I know what she has done, what you let happen to your future queen. You and you’re family are the

reason I know have to prove that I am not like that bag of shi t you call your son. By the Mo onG oddes

I promise you I will make you pay for all you have done to my mate. My family-in-law resides here. And

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as such I will be visiting this pack whenever I see fit. You are my subordinate so you have no say in the

matter. As a matter of fact, you and your family will not speak a word to me when I am here” I tell her,

my voice rough and hoa rse from Cònan taking part of our control.

Finally, I stunned the bi tch as she seems to be gasping for air or maybe for words. Before she says or

does anything else I storm into the house. Slamming the door with such force that I rip it off its hinges.

“F u c k” I scream

It all suddenly collapses on me. Having to make up for all the mistakes I made with Ayla, having to fight

the traumas others inflicted on her. Just so she could see I am not like them would already be hard

enough. Now I have the family of her first mate trying to make things more difficult. Causing me to lash

out and damage her childhood home. This was something that could easily be fixed. That wasn’t the

issue, her parents would most likely be disappointed in me now. Ever since meeting them, I liked them,

I would have loved for them and me to become friends, even if it wasn’t for Ayla being so close to them.

“Son, I get that she got on your nerves, but Prince or not in this family we fix our own mistakes and

you’re family now. So let’s go to get my tools from the garage and fix this door before we can go to bed”

Jay said.

I would have agreed with everything for him to still tell me I am his family. But fixing the door with him.

Talking like I would have done with my own Dad while working with my hands was soothing. Almost as

soothing as finally getting to fall asleep surrounded by my mate’s

Griffin 19

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scent and belongings. I slept like a baby until Daniel shook me awake.

“Griffin it’s Ayla” he whispered and the rest of his words got drowned out by the frantic beating of my

heart and Conan’s howling.

Ayla 20