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The Killer Queen by Noella Briony

Chapter 2
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Chapter 2 Briony blinked, her eyes welling up as she grabbed Noella’s arm.

“Sis, | know you dig Milford, but you know damn well Milford and | are head over heels for each other. Please don’t break us up! What the heck did you say to Milford yesterday? He's been ghostingall day.” Noella frowned, giving her wrist, which Briony was squeezing, a cold glance.

“Slipped my mind. Sdude wanted to addon Whatyesterday, but | didn’t give it to him. So that was your boo, huh?” “What did you say?” Noella looked at her with a pitying gaze. She can’t fathom what's so great about that oddball.

Milford’s got a bunch of honeys, sweethearts, and darlings in his phone. March ‘em all out, and they could put on a whole women’s soccer match for Briony right there. All with similar mugs. sseries as Briony’s. Anyone would think he’s into stamp collecting.

This kind of player, only Briony would treasure like gold.

Seeing that look in Noella’s eyes, Briony’s pride was deeply wounded.

What gave her the right! She’s the real Ms. Lambert now! Why the hell is this imposter still looking down on her with pity? A fierce jealousy flashed in Briony’s eyes, and when she caught a glimpse of Belinda approaching, she nimbly tripped herself and went down.

“Ah! Sis, why did you push me!” Noella was speechless. [x] Belinda rushed over to her precious daughter sprawled on the ground, scolding Noella as she helped Briony up.

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“Noella! She's your sister, for crying out loud! Don’t you have a heart?” Noella looked at Briony bawling in Belinda’s arms with indifference.

“I'm perfectly sane, thank you. You two might want to look after yourselves first.” Belinda was baffled. “What do you mean? How on earth did | raise a kid like you?” A snicker escaped from a nearby servant.

Noella dusted off her hands, her tone icy. “Don’t blyou. My words are a bit of a brain-teaser, something you clearly lack.” Belinda was at a loss for words.

“You stand right there! If you dare claim you're part of our family out there, I'll break your legs!” WL 13:07 Chapter 2 A smug look flickered in Briony’s eyes as she quickly played the sweet daughter, consoling an enraged Belinda.

“Mom, don’t be mad. Noella has no idea how rough it's gonna be when she gets home. I've heard that girls from rural areas often have to marry early to bring money for their brothers.” At that, the nanny who had raised her chimed in. “Briony is right. With her temperament. Noella could only marry slonely old widower who can’t afford a wife. With her sharp tongue, she’ll surely get beaten up when she’s married! Briony has always been more caring than Noella. Since childhood, Briony has been more diligent than Noella.” These words were music to Briony’s ears. She smirked, but noticed that Noella was still as serene as ever.

How could she still be smiling? She must be faking it! Briony reached out, “Sis, lethelp you with your suitcase. Oh my... How cyou have so little stuff?” Accidentally, she flung open Noella’s small suitcase, revealing only a neat laptop and sblank papers inside.

Briony had expected Noella to take svaluables to sell later, but upon seeing the blank papers, she couldn't help but lose her composure.

“Sis, even though Emerald County is dirt poor, these blank papers won't do you any good! You can't just draw a pie and call it dinner,” she laughed.

The nanny added, “Hasn't even hit the countryside yet and already looking so destitute?” Belinda, still fuming, snatched the laptop from Noella’s hands.

“You think you've grown up eating what, air? Even if | send you out naked today, you must obey me!” Briony’s eyes widened with anticipation.

This was too thrilling! Vincent rushed in, took the laptop, and stuffed it back into Noella’s arms.

was he After all, Noella had grown up under their watch. Making a scene like this- how supposed to keep his rep around here? The mishap of acknowledging the wrong daughter was already the talk of the town; he couldn't risk further embarrassment.

“Noella, dear, you can take whatever you want. It’s all yours anyway.” The nanny wouldn't let up.

“Every t| see Noella, | get chills down my spine. She’s such a country bumpkin, isn’t she? | hope she’s not up to any weird tricks. | say don’t let her take anything. What if there are Chapter 2 company secrets on that laptop? If she were to leaks them, what are we gonna do?” Noella bent down to pack her small suitcase.

Lifting her clear eyes, she stared at Belinda and Briony.

With a slight smile, she said, “Haven't you noticed over the years how much you two resemble each other?” Since childhood, no matter what Noella did, Belinda favored Briony. She even told her not to worry about grades, stating that the Lambert family doesn’t rely on academics. It was only later that Noella discovered the reason behind it- Briony was jealous of her good grades and had cried to Belinda about it.

If Noella scored too high, she'd get scolded for not considering Briony’s feelings.

It seemed that a nanny’s niece mattered more to Belinda than her own daughter.

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As for what that represents, Noella didn’t believe for a second that Belinda had no clue.

Noella curved her lips into a smile, looking at Vincent.

“I've prepared a gift for you, Mr. and Mrs. Lambert. Hope you'll like it. It'll be delivered after ! Leave.” Mr. and Mrs. Lambert.

Those words were cold, marking a clear boundary with the Lambert family, with no hint of association.

Vincent's face tightened.

Upon hearing her words, Belinda felt as though Noella was on the verge of leaving yet still threatening her.

Fuming with anger, she stormed past Briony’s half-hearted attempts to stop her, hell-bent on slapping Noella right across the face.

“Listen up, once you're out of here, don’t even think about coming back. Even if you end up crying from feeding chickens, we won't give you a second thought!” Belinda tried to snatch the suitcase out of Noella’s hand, her slap hanging midair, but Noella nimbly dodged it.

Before anyone behind could catch her, Belinda crashed headfirst into the wall, instantly forming a large bump on her head! Belinda let out a piercing scream, “You dare to push me?!” Briony got the fright of her life, rushing over to help Belinda up.

Noella stood her ground, seeing Belinda and Briony as nothing more than pathetic clowns.

That look made Belinda inexplicably feel a twinge of guilt.

17-07 Her raised hand never cdown, and Vincent, ever the peacemaker, tried to smooth things. over. “What's the big scene for? Noella’s ride is here. Let's all see her out together. Who knows. this might be the last twe see her.”