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The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children

Chapter 6
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Chapter 6

“Yes, Miss Clarke.” Gideon hesitated, but eventually said, “Should I… send someone to pick up Ezra?”

Olivia thought it over before getting up and replying, “No, I’ll get him myself. Take care of this boy for

me. I’ll be back soon.”

“Do you need someone to pick you up?”

“Prepare a helicopter and have it wait for me outside the Kinsmans’ residence.”

“Got it.”

Olivia walked out of the ward and went straight to the underground parking lot of the hospital,

She changed into a tight leather suit, got on her motorcycle, and quickly disappeared into the night.

The Kinsmans’ residence.

On the third floor was a medical lab just for Lucian.

Jameson’s expression went back and forth from ecstatic to worried as he read the test report in his


He felt that Lucian was about to drive him insane.

“What’s going on?” he wondered.

How on earth did Lucian get better all of a sudden? He didn’t even know where to start looking.

Unbeknownst to him, the little troublemaker had disappeared from the lab.

Ezra was sitting leisurely on the couch. He had now figured out the basic situation of the Kinsman


The father of the little kid lying in the hospital, William, was likely his scu mbag dad.

Moreover, his scu mbag dad would be marrying the woman he saw this afternoon soon. The woman

was beautiful but didn’t look like a good person.

“Oh, my poor brother! You’re going to have a stepmom soon!” he thought.

Though deep in thought, he didn’t forget to finish all the snacks on the table.

Ezra yawned a few times in a row, tired from running around and escaping his mom’s men the entire

day. He was exhausted and sleepy.

He had to get a good rest. He could only start making trouble once he had enough sleep!

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While Jameson wasn’t paying attention, Ezra slipped into Lucian’s bedroom next door.

The bedroom was so dark that it was pitch black. Before he could turn on the light, he felt someone

lifting him.

“Hey, who are you? How dare you catch me? Hmm…”

“Stop shouting, you brat!”


A small desk lamp was turned on all of a sudden, and Ezra finally saw the person holding him. It was

his beautiful and cool mom!

“Haha! My dear mom, you look gorgeous today!”

Ezra’s big and innocent-looking eyes blinked. He tried his best to turn his head to look at Olivia with a

look of obedience.

“Enough of your flattery, you brat. You’re getting a spa nking when we get back!”

Olivia reached out, wanting to pick Ezra up and jump out of the window.

The helicopter was waiting for them nearby. Once the pilot received her order, he would send this brat

straight abroad.

Naturally, Ezra could tell what his mother was trying to do.

“I don’t want to be sent home!

“Definitely not!” he thought.

He burst into tears and hugged Olivia’s thigh. “Mom, I can’t leave now!”

“What, did William Kinsman win you over in just half a day?”

Olivia wiped the cream on the corner of Ezra’s mouth as she spoke.

“William Kinsman is my daddy, right?”


12:39 T

Chapter 6

Olivia felt her head hurting. This boy was too smart, and that wasn’t always a good thing. “So what if he

is? He can’t keep you here.”

“But that stu pid doctor said my daddy is going to marry that bad woman soon. He’s going to give the

entire family fortune to her and their new son,” Ezra replied. “Mom, how can you let that happen? Why

don’t you let me stay and inherit the family property before leaving?”

“Ezra, we’re not short of money. You’d better follow me, or I’m grounding you for good!” Olivia picked

Ezra up and was about to jump out of the window.

Ezra became anxious, knowing that his mom was determined to take him away. He grabbed the

curtains and struggled hard. “Mom, let me play here for a few more days. I promise I’ll go home after I

teach that scu mbag a lesson! I’ll never run around again, okay?”

“No! Let go!”


Suddenly –

Jameson’s voice came from behind the door.

“Young Mr. Kinsman? Where are you?”

Olivia could even hear him turning the doorknob.

Her gaze immediately turned cold and sharp.

Seeing that Jameson was about to come in, she wasn’t confident that she could escape with Ezra

without alerting anyone. She knew she had to go if she didn’t want to tip the enemy off.

Before leaving, she stuffed a new mobile phone into her son’s hand and looked at his gloating face with


She warned him in a low voice.

“Watch out when you’re here. Don’t let anyone find out who you are, and especially be careful of that

woman, Gianna Clarke. I’ll pick you up in a few days.”

“Once I pick you up, you’re dead meat!” she added in her mind.

As soon as Gianna finished speaking, she jumped out of the window and disappeared into the night.

When Jameson pushed open the door and saw Ezra sitting by the window, he rushed over in fright.

“Oh, dear. Why are you sitting here? Come down, come down!”

“It’s okay, Uncle Smith. Gianna said if I jumped off the balcony with an umbrella, I’d be able to fly. I was

just going to give it a go!”

His mom had said that the beautiful woman wasn’t a good person.

So he made up a lie and let the bad woman take the blame.

“What? Did Gianna really tell you that?”

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“Yep! I want to give it a go, but I’m kinda scared…”

“No, listen to me. Don’t bother trying. It’s not fun at all.”

Jameson hugged Ezra tightly and anxiously.

He couldn’t believe someone would say that to a child. Gianna must be messing around!

Worried that the boy would try something dangerous again, Jameson watched him closely until he fell


Once he was sure that Ezra was asleep, he quietly closed the door and left.

Meanwhile, William was in the study, looking gloomy. He had unbuttoned the first two buttons of his

black shirt in annoyance, revealing his strong and tanned chest. He was in a terrible mood. Usually, no

one would dare to disturb him on this night.

However, it was a little different today because of Lucian’s sudden disappearance.

It was pitch-black outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Jameson didn’t want to irritate William on such a day, but he still knocked on the door with the test

report in hand, looking conflicted.

William’s cold eyes were enveloped in the shadows. He looked down and lit a cigarette. His dangerous

and aggressive aura was almost suffocating.

He gave Jameson a cold look. “What is it? Is there something wrong with Luci?”

“Yeah! I mean, no!”

“What’s going on?”



Chapter 6

William’s thick eyebrows furrowed, and his dark pupils shrank in shock.

“Don’t worry, Luci is perfectly healthy. I’ve given him a full check-up and the results come back normal.

There’s no problem with him. Moreover, he has no problem talking now. He’s been asking me

questions all afternoon. I feel like he’s said everything he saved up for the past few years!” Feeling

William’s coldness, Jameson regained his senses and took a subconscious step back to keep a

distance from William.

He knew that William would be in a particularly bad mood every year on this day.

William’s eyes darkened. “Why are you so nervous then?”