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She Returns as A Billionairess by Fiona Jaramillo

Chapter 752
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Chapter 752 Change of Attitude

If she really allowed Aryan and Kaylah to be together, then wouldn't Aryan get what he wanted?

When she thought of this possibility, Cindy gritted her teeth in hatred.

The thing that Cindy regretted the most now was that she hadn't dealt with the two of them together back then.

Otherwise, she wouldn't have fallen into such a situation now.

If she had dealt with Aryan and his brother at the same time back then, then she would have the final say in the

Galvan family now. She wouldn't have to have so many misgivings.

On the other side, Kaylah pulled Aryan to the garden.

Seeing Aryan being depressed, Kaylah sighed silently.

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"You are really looking for trouble for no reason. If you don't want to attend today's ball, then just don't come. Why

do you have to look at his hypocritical appearance!"

Kaylah sometimes felt that Aryan had a tendency to self-abuse. He clearly hated Cindy but still wanted to fight with


Hearing Kaylah's words, Aryan laughed at himself.

"I'm afraid that if I don't come back, there will be no place for me in the Galvan family!"

Aryan's words made Kaylah surprised.

After all, about the Galvan family, Aryan had always not cared about anything. Aryan even did not want to admit

that he was from the Galvan family.

However, what Aryan said today seemed to have a different meaning.

"You... Are you preparing to return to the Galvan family?"

Ever since the conversation with the boss, Aryan had started to plan such a thing. Just as the boss had said, Aryan

would never be willing to just watch as the Galvan family began to be controlled by Cindy.

Previously, Aryan did not care about anything and so he allowed people to use his identity to bully others.

However, it was different now. Aryan did not want to continue living in such a muddle-headed manner.

Even though Aryan already knew about Kaylah's feelings, Aryan was unwilling to give up so easily.

If he was still the playboy that everyone considered, Aryan felt that he was not worthy of Kaylah.

Thus, after summarizing the reasons from all sides, Aryan finally decided to take back what originally belonged to


Looking at the expression on Aryan's face, Kaylah knew that this was a tacit agreement.

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The corners of Kaylah's mouth rose slightly. She reached out and patted Aryan's shoulder, and said cheerfully.

"You finally figured it out! It's great that you can think this way. The Galvan family originally belongs to you. Only you

have the qualifications to deal with the Galvan family’s affairs. Other people do not have the qualifications!"

Aryan had been helping Kaylah deal with work matters, but Kaylah always hoped that Aryan could face the things

that happened in the past.

And Kaylah had always been looking forward to that day when Aryan could completely overcome the fear of the

past and grasp the things that originally belonged to him in his own hands.

Because she knew that Aryan's past experiences had affected Aryan, Kaylah was unwilling to make things difficult

for him and was even more unwilling to let Aryan return to his former status.

Therefore, there were many things that Kaylah was unwilling to force Aryan to do.

But now, Aryan finally thought it through. Kaylah only felt that the weight was off her mind.