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Rebirth and Finding the One Truly Loves Me by Christina

Chapter 10
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Chapter 10 Kelsey’s Gift

Before Audrey’s mother jumped into the sea and disappeared, she was a renowned beauty in Cloud


Audrey was very much like her mother. Corbin knew at their first meeting that she would grow up to be

a seductress.

Many outstanding young men would fall in love with Audrey if she didn’t wear heavy makeup. If she

couldn’t resist the temptation and lost. her virginity. she wouldn’t be as useful.

“Audra, why did you remove your makeup?”

Audrey smiled, with a cold look hidden in her eyes. “Don’t I look good?”

“Yes, but…” Corbin walked over, about to sit in Sterling’s chair before. continuing. However. Audrey

stretched her slender leg and pulled the chair away. Corbin was caught off guard and fell hard to the


His pain from an earlier fall when he wiped the windows for Audrey in the afternoon had just been

relieved. With this sudden fall, he was in great pain and unable to stand up.

His coccyx seemed to have broken.

“Audra, what are you doing? Do you want to see me disabled?”

Corbin broke out in cold sweat, and his handsome face turned pale. It really hurt from the fall.

“Sterling has a nasty temper. If he knew that you sat in his chair, he would get angry,” Audrey said

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softly and aggrievedly as she looked at


Chapter 10 Kelsey’s Gift

Corbin with watery eyes. “I did that for your own good. Why did you blame me?”

Corbin’s teeth chattered as he said, “I didn’t. I may have to go to the hospital.”

“So serious?” Audrey sneered inwardly and slowly took out her phone. to call Patrick.

After a long while, Patrick finally came. Seeing his idol sitting on the ground in a sorry state with a cold

sweat on his forehead, he was so shocked that his jaw almost dropped.

“Patrick, please take Corbin to the hospital.”

Patrick helped Corbin up. Corbin leaned weakly against Patrick and looked at Audrey in surprise.

“Audra, won’t you come with me?”

Audrey knew that Corbin wanted her to pay the bills.

“I have a meeting with the class teacher. Patrick will take you there.”

“I’ll wait for you at the hospital. If I’m not seriously injured, I’ll take you. to have a night snack.”

Audrey sneered inwardly, “A night snack?

“Forget it!”

“Okay. I’ll go if it’s still early.”

That night, Patrick called Audrey to inform her that Corbin had a fractured coccyx and would stay in the

hospital for about a month.


The school was over on Friday.


Chapter 10 Kelsey Gift

Audrey received a call from the driver. “Ms. Watson, I have arrived at the school gate.”

“Okay. I’ll be right there.”

Audrey walked out of the classroom with her schoolbag on her back.

As she approached the school gate, she caught sight of two attractive. figures.

Sterling sat on a sleek black motorcycle, with one of his long legs propped up on the ground and his

jacket draped over his shoulders. He gazed coldly at the girl standing by the motorcycle.

The girl wore the uniform of Elsa Noble High School. Her white shirt was clean and tidy, and her knee–

length blue skirt showcased her slender shins. Her waist–length straight hair was draped over her

shoulders, making her look gentle and obedient. She tilted her head slightly, smiling shyly at the

indifferent Sterling.

Audrey was a bit far away from them, so she couldn’t hear what they said.

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But soon, she saw the girl take out a box of chocolate from her schoolbag and hand it to Sterling.

Audrey clenched her fists.

Why did Kelsey send chocolate to Sterling? Didn’t she like Corbin?

Did she change her target and start chasing Sterling?

Kelsey and Corbin were known to be a perfect match at Elsa Noble High School. Both of them had

good looks and excellent grades, and many students on the forum hoped that they could be together

after graduation. However, Corbin usually got close to Audrey, so there had been rumors about

Audrey’s involvement in their relationship.

Chapter 10Kelsey’s Gift

Many people liked to compare Audrey with Kelsey.

The former was arrogant and domineering, while the latter was gentle and elegant.

Audrey cared about such comparisons before, but she wouldn’t afterward.

Seeing Sterling extend his hand and take the chocolate from Kelsey.

Audrey gritted her teeth, and her face slowly turned cold.

Damn Sterling. How dare he accept Kelsey’s gift?