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Journey Of Me And My Seven Sisters

Chapter 4
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They chatted for around half an hour before Cordelia got to her feet. “Mr. Olman, I’m heading back to

Cordelia Group. I’ll pay you a visit another time.” “Okay. You should focus on your business. I’m doing

fine here,” Walter said happily. “If Gavin upsets you again, let me know. I’ll teach him a lesson.” After

bidding Walter goodbye, Cordelia turned to Emrys. “Come with me. I need to talk to you.” Emrys

nodded and walked out behind her silently. Outside, there was a Porsche 911 parked by the road, with

the driver waiting aside. “Get in,” Cordelia said curtly. Emrys hopped into the backseat and immediately

felt an icy gaze directed at him. It came from Cordelia. Emrys felt a chill go down his spine. What’s

wrong? Why is Delia acting this way? Even if we last met fifteen years ago, there is no good reason for

her to be so distant and unwelcoming toward me. “Be honest with me. What is your motive for

approaching Mr. Olman?” Cordelia demanded icily. Motive? Her question caught Emrys by surprise.

“Delia, what are you talking about?” Cordelia fixed her gaze on him, her expression stern and

impatient. “Enough with the act. I don’t have that much time to waste on you. Just tell me how much

you want!” It was obvious to Emrys that Cordelia was hostile toward him as she thought he was an

impostor. Interesting. A smile nudged Emrys’ lips as he decided to trick her. He leaned against the chair

lazily. “Why didn’t you expose me in front of Mr. Olman if you know I’m an imposter?” I was right. He is

an imposter. Cordelia’s gaze grew increasingly icy. As Emrys had expected, she didn’t believe that he

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was still alive. Although revealing the truth would have been easier, she had chosen to keep silent, as

she didn’t want to let Walter down. Cordelia felt terrible to see Walter’s health deteriorating over the

years, but she couldn’t do anything about it. It had been more than a decade since she had last seen

him beam with such joy, and she found it impossible to shatter the blissful moment by revealing the

truth. Of course, there was no need to explain things to the imposter. Instead of answering Emrys’

question, she merely glared at him. Emrys gave a nonchalant shrug. “Give me a ride home, will you?

I’m actually headed in the same direction as you.” With that, he closed his eyes. Cordelia had no

choice but to tell the driver to drive. The Porsche sped away, leaving a trail of exhaust fumes in its

wake. Not a word was spoken throughout the journey, and the tension in the vehicle was palpable.

Cordelia’s expression remained frosty the entire time. Around twenty minutes later, she suddenly

frowned and said, “This is not the way to Cordelia Group.” However, the driver ignored her and

continued driving. A sense of foreboding crept into Cordelia’s chest. Before long, the car rolled to a

stop in a spacious area. The driver, Simon Hall, turned around and flashed a smile. “Ms. Youngblood,

please understand that I’m merely doing my job.” “What is this?” Cordelia’s eyes were cold. “Nothing.

You’ll only have to play along and allow me to take several pictures of you. I won’t harm you if you

cooperate with me.” After locking the doors, he pulled out a camera and a sharp knife from beneath his

seat. “Ms. Youngblood, I believe you’re smart enough to make the right decision.” A smirk flitted across

Simon’s lips as he looked at Emrys. “Young man, you’re in luck today. Many people lust over this

gorgeous CEO, and you’ll be lucky enough to see her n*ked b*dy today.” It was obvious that he was

planning to take nude photos of Cordelia. Instead of yelling for help, Cordelia stared at Simon. “Are you

in cahoots with Allure Group? Or is Zachary in cahoots with Allure Group?” For years, Cordelia Group

and Allure Group had been fierce competitors in the beauty products industry. Cordelia Group was

about to get listed. If any compromising photos of Cordelia were to be leaked online, it could cause

irreparable damage to the reputation of the organization. Zachary Lawson was the HR manager of

Cordelia Group, who had hired this new driver for Cordelia. Simon was surprised. “I’ve heard stories

about your intelligence and courage, and now I’m finally getting the chance to witness them for myself!”

His answer served to confirm Cordelia’s guess. Chortling gaily, Simon said, “Ms. Youngblood, I’m a

gentleman who cannot bring myself to humiliate someone as gorgeous as you. Why don’t you take off

your clothes yourself? If you force me to take action, I’m afraid I’ll go beyond taking photos.” He had

anticipated that Cordelia would not surrender without a fight. There was an unmistakable glimmer of

desire and avarice in his eyes. Suddenly, Simon felt a strong grip on his wrist. He quickly looked up to

see Emrys shooting daggers at him. “How dare you bully Delia in front of me? Do you have a death

wish?” Emrys’ voice was as cold as his gaze. Having spent five years on the battlefield, Emrys had

seen so much that his powers of observation were heightened to a remarkable degree. He was

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capable of recognizing the slightest hint of malicious intent in anyone’s eyes. From the moment he first

laid eyes on the driver, the latter’s unsteady gaze had caused him to sense that something wasn’t quite

right. That was why he had asked Cordelia to give him a ride. Indeed, the driver had an ulterior motive.

“Watch it, young man!” Simon’s expression darkened. “Isn’t a free show enough? You want more,

huh?” He tried to retract his arm. To his horror, Emrys’ grip was as firm as steel. Crack! Simon felt an

intense pain in his wrist as his bone was crushed. The knife that had been in his hand just moments

before dropped to the ground. “Ow!” Simon had no idea that Emrys’ fingers were strong enough to

crush his bone easily. He let out an agonized scream. Tossing the camera away, he unlocked the doors

and fled the scene. However, he soon felt pain flaring up his legs, and he crumpled to the ground. The

culprits were two uneven pebbles, which had embedded themselves in the back of his knees. What the

f*ck did he do? Ah! Riveting terror swept through Simon, causing his entire b*dy to tremble

uncontrollably. “I can’t even bear to bully Delia. Who are you to take advantage of her?” Emrys strode

forward and gave Simon’s injury a forceful kick. “Ow!” Another scream pierced the air, and Simon

fainted from the excruciating pain. Anyone who crossed Emrys’ limit would meet their doom. Emrys’

limit was none other than the seven ladies. Those who dared to lay a hand on them would have to face

Sky Devourer Lord’s wrath. If they were in battle, Simon would’ve been dead by now. Cordelia got out

of the car and stood behind Emrys. Her lashes trembled when she saw how intimidating he was. “Who

on earth are you?” she asked. Suddenly, Emrys spun around and took off his pants. At the same time,

he pinned Cordelia to the ground. “Delia, I’m sorry!” “Mmph!”