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His Versatile Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 18
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Chapter 18

She shot onto her feet and shrilled, “Anelle,

what’s the meaning of this? Can’t you suck it up first class seat? Need I remind you the reason we’re

on this flight? It’s because we’re going to my awards ceremony! Mine!”

this once instead of

vying against me for the

Anelle spat coldly, “Relax I’m not here for your precious first-class seat.”

Shandie knitted her brows before interrogating loudly, “Then why are you here?”

Right then, Hennick had overheard the commotion and joined in with a thunderous voice. “What do you

think you’re doing. Arielle? And here! thought you were a sweet and obedient girl. Was that all just a


Anelle was about to respond, but the man beat her to it. He interjected with a sharp gaze, Tm afraid

you’re all mistaken. Ms. Moore is not here for the first class cabin Rather, I’m escorting her to that

private jet, the one next to this aircraft.”

“What.” Shandie bellowed as her eyes shot over to the window in disbelief.

What she saw next clouded her thoughts with resentment. It was a luxurious private jet with an

extremely sleek and polished exterior Across the jet’s body was an elegantly written word with fine


That’s the Nightshire family’s private jet!

Shandie whipped around to stare daggers at Arielle, jealousy flitting across her dark eyes.

Even Cindy, who had been silently observing, balled her fists after seeing the Nightshires jet.

Henrick soon snapped back to his senses and quickly asked the man, “Sir. I’m Sannie’s father, and our

family is traveling together on this flight. If it’s alright, can the rest of us go as well?”

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The man maintained a neutral expression as he pointed out, “Apologies, Mr. Nightshire has only

extended his invitation to Ms. Moore alone. Not to mention, the three of you got a cabin upgrade but

chose to abandon Ms. Moore in economyclass by herself. Is that how a family should be with one


Regret festered in Henrick like a tumor

Damn it! I should have upgraded Arielle’s seat to first-class too. If I had done that, then maybe I would

be lounging in Vinson’s private jet at this very moment

The man couldn’t care less about what Henrick thought. He swiftly turned on his heel and

bowed respectfully to Arielle. “This way, Ms. Moore.”

Anielle nodded, then cast an icy stare at Henrick. “I’ll meet you guys at the airport.”

With that, Arielle held her head high like royalty and disregarded Shandie completely. She followed

closely behind the man as they exited the airplane

Shandie’s and Cindy’s faces twisted with jealousy at the luxurious private jet that parked beside them.

Shortly after, Arielle boarded the jet. The first thing she saw was Vinson, whose head was lowered to

focus on reading a contract.

The assistant spoke up, “Mr. Nightshire. I’ve brought Ms. Moore over.

Vinson hummed a simple Mr-hmm in reply without even looking up.

Anielle felt uneasy Not knowing how to respond or what to do, she tensed with her feet planted on the


Thankfully, the assistant came to her rescue. He advised, “Mr. Nightshire is currently busy. You may

make yourself comfortable in the cabin that’s inside.”

“Okay Anielle nodded. She then cautiously walked past Vinson and entered the cabin.

Once inside, Arielle’s jaw dropped in shock. She exclaimed, “Rain?”

The blonde man lifted his gaze and gawked, equally as surprised. “San? I never thought I’d see you

here. Have you returned to this country?”

“Mmhmm, I just got back some time ago.”

Rain cheerily patted at the seat beside his, beckoning her over. “Come sit with me.”

Anelle obliged. Once she sat down, questions about her current life came out of Rain’s mouth with

burgeoning excitement. He also invited, Tm heading to Norharn for the academy’s award ceremony. If

there’s nothing on your schedule, would you like to attend as well since you are one of our academy’s


Rain was the principal of the Crown Coffee Academy and a world-renowned coffee sommelier

Back then, Arielle and Rain were the ones who came up with as well as established the Crown Coffee


They wanted to create a place where coffee enthusiasts could expand their knowledge on coffee-


Chapter 18

What they never expected was for the academy to develop into a well-known spot for socialites. Hence,

Rain created a restriction whereby only ten students may receive the expert level barista certificate.

This way, only the elite, talented, and worthy coffee connoisseurs could receive these certificates

Arielle’s lips curled into a devious smile when she heard that Rain was on his way to Shandie’s award

ceremony. She stated, “What a coincidence. I’m heading there myself…”

Rain beamed at once. “That’s wonderful! The students will be ecstatic to meet the academy’s founders.

They’ll be over the moon!”

“No.” Arielle shook her head and requested, “I was hoping that you’ll keep my identity


Rain’s vibrant smile fell glum in an instant. He then inquired, “Why?”

“I have some personal reasons.”

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“Alright then, I’ll be more than pleased as long as you attend the event.”

Arielle flashed a faint smile but didn’t say anymore.

Two hours of flight later, the jet gradually made its descent into Norham airport.

Vinson had already left by the time Arielle disembarked from the jet.

Unbothered, she exchanged goodbyes with Rain and went to look for the other three Southalls.

That’s strange. Didnt we agree to meet up after getting off our flights? So why aren’t Henrick and the

others here at the arrival hall as promised?

Airelle held her ground in silence. She knew that Henrick wouldn’t abandon her because she was still

of value to him. So she waited.

Right then and there, a bodyguard dressed in a coal-black suit strode towards Arielle’s direction.

Beside him was a man that she would recognize anywhere-Vinson.

Despite standing next to a tall bodyguard, Vinson still towered with his superior stature.

Some passersby curiously paid attention to Vinson. Their faces either turned a bashful shade of red or

gawked as they vividly babbled about Vinson’s appearance.

“That guy’s incredibly handsome! Do you think he’s a celebrity?” “No way. If he is, then he should have

blown up all over the internet by now. Even those influencers can’t compare to his good looks.”

Compared to the eagerly buzzing crowd, Arielle’s skewed frown was an underwhelming reaction.

She glanced briefly at him before focusing on her phone and dialing Henrick’s number.

The call went through, yet Henrick had instantly rejected. Arielle knew that this must have been

Shandie’s doing.

Although Cindy is a wicked woman, she wouldn’t be so stupid to use such sloppy tactics against me. It

seems like Shandie is trying to get on my nerves by keeping me in the dark about their whereabouts.

Game on, then. I’ll patientlywait here for them.

Noticing a lounge nearby, Arielle headed over for some refreshments.

What she hadn’t realized was that she walked right into the lion’s den; just as she entered, the lounge

door flung shut behind her.

Arielle instinctively turned around but was shoved to the wall by a towering man. His powerfully built

body pressed against hers, trapping her.