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Guardian Wolf

Chapter 39
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Nova POV:
“That was fun” I laugh as I blow the hairs away from my face whilst looking up at Jax
as we leave the others that are dancing.
“You can dance that’s for sure” he murmurs huskily in my ear making my cheeks flush lightly “those hips..” he trails off with a
“Are you insinuating something Alpha?” I flirt back.
With a rumble of deep laughter he shakes his head, “don’t give me any more ideas Nova” he says running his hand through his
hair as I’ve noticed he does when he’s frustrated with his darkened eyes trained on mine. Flicking my eyes down I see his
trousers seem tighter as he tries to contain his excitement.
“Sorry love” I whisper dropping a chaste k*ss on his lips. “Shall we get a drink?”
“I’ll get you one, be back shortly” he says with a toothy smile. As I sit down on one of
the benches I watch him walk gracefully away, admiring the way his clothes show off
his rippling muscles. Sensing someone is walking towards me I drag my eyes away from my mate to look into those of his father.
“David..hi. You enjoying yourself?” I ask politely.
“Very much so thank you Nova, do you mind if I sit?” He asks pointing to the space
next to me.
“Go ahead” I smile.
We sit together in silence for a moment before he takes a deep breath and turns to
me. “I really am sorry Nova. It’s not how I wanted your first impression of me to be
and I regret the way I spoke to you. My son.. you, you both deserved better than that. Seeing you both dance and be carefree
together was enlightening. I haven’t seen my
son that happy since he was a teenager, and to know you’re the cause of his
happiness i will never stand in the way of that. My unease wasn’t to you as an was the circumstances.”
“It’s alright David really. You knew very little about me but you knew I just came out of a chosen mateship less than a month ago.
I understand your inquisitiveness to want
to know more, it is in your blood being an Alpha after all. Fortunately for you I know what it means to want to protect those
around you, hearing my father is the Rogue King must have been a big shock, I’m well aware of the stigma around rogues. But

he is different I can assure you of that. Wanting to have knowledge to be able to help your family is normal” I say clearly.
“My first mate was killed by rogues’ he says suddenly.
Hearing that my eyes flick to his as understanding dawns on me, “I’m sorry David I truly had no idea.”
Shrugging he looks away as I see his eyes cloud over slightly, “I met her a month before she was killed. We planned our mating
ceremony, back then we marked in front of the pack now I know it’s very different. On the eve of our ceremony the rogues
attacked and Minerva was killed protecting the pups. Because of her no one else died, but my distrust of rogues began there.”

“I understand” I say softly grasping his hand, “what they did was wrong. No one
deserves to die in that way.”
“Your father is a very knowledgable man, I actually am looking forward to seeing him. a little more” he laughs lightly at me with a
shake of his head at his earlier actions.
“I’m glad to have gotten the chance to have a relationship with him again” I smile.
“Your secret Nova, and that of your fathers I promise to never tell a soul until the time is right. Your father has filled me in on what
has believe his mate was killed for the last 25 years only to realise she must be alive must be heartbreaking. I will
do anything I can to help” he says with conviction.
“Thank you David, for now I just want you to relax and enjoy yourself, perhaps your should tell Amelia I wouldn’t want this kept
from her when you know” I say standing.
as Jax returns.
“Everything ok?” He checks his eyes flitting between his father and myself.
“Yes of course” I reply quickly, “I was just about to invite your parents to breakfast tomorrow actually” I say turning to look at
“We would love that” he smiles at me before dropping a swift k*ss to my cheek and
walking back to Jaxs siblings.

“Here’s your drink Luna” Jax smirks at me as he holds out me glass.
Seeing the lust in his eyes I smirk back, “you like that huh?”
“Very much so” he says stepping close to me and pulling me flush to his b*dy. Feeling his hardened length press into me I can’t
stop the gasp from escaping me.
“Jax don’t tempt me” I moan breathlessly.
“I’m like this all the time for you Nova, somehow you make me like a h o rny teenager
all over again and you’re not even trying” he whispers as he nibbles on my ear before k*ssing my mark softly.
“Eh oh are we interrupting” I hear Laurence joke as he and Naomi come to stand
beside us.
“Yes” Jax replies shortly as he spins me round holding my back flush with his front and wrapping his arms around me.
Sniggering Naomi winks at Laurence “payback for the many..many times you have.
interrupted us.”
With that Jax throws his head back and groans loudly, “don’t remind me” he mutters
as Laurence let’s out a loud laugh.
show you just
Chuckling lightly I rub Jaxs arm “don’t worry love I’ll how much of ant
effect you have on me later” I link him making him stiffen behind me as I feel hist
length twitch against my back.
“Tease” he growls in my ear making me laugh again.
“We actually came to say goodnight, it’s been lovely celebrating but I am absolutely shattered now” Naomi says trying to conceal
a yawn.
“Oh of course, go get some rest. We will see you in the morning, and thank you for both of your help organising was really

great” I say stepping forward and giving Follow on Novᴇl-Onlinᴇ.cᴏm

them both a quick hug.
“Laurence we will have a meeting mid morning, I won’t need you before then just thought I’d let you know now” Jax says as he
pulls me back against him.
“No problem boss, goodnight Luna” Laurence says with a little bow making me blush
heavily much to his approval. Watching them walk away Jax lowers his head into my!
neck and takes a deep breath.
“Mmhmm your scent is intoxicating” he murmurs whilst grazing his teeth against my mark eliciting a moan from myself.
“Jax” I growl in warning as I feel heat pool below, “you know exactly what you’re
“And?” He replies huskily.
“We have company” I say with little conviction in my tone as he continues by littering
a trail of k*sses down my neck.
“Then let’s excuse ourselves” he says shrugging behind me. “It’s after midnight don’t
you think it’s time we celebrate our own way?”
as my n
With that I bite my bottom lip for Jax grows even further. “Do you not
want to go for a run?”
Hearing that his eyes flash between his own and Zeus, “we can run in the
morning..Zeus has decided” he replies with glee. Feeling his hand trail down by back I
push myself back into him before he grasps my bum in his firm hand and gives it a
“Fine” I breath as I give in, “let’s go say good night to everyone.”
Seeing he’s persuaded me he grins as he straightens and quickly adjusts himself
before leading me back into the party. Seeing my father we head over and quickly bid ourselves goodnight.
“We will see you at breakfast?” I check before we walk away.
“Definitely, good night Jax, Nova” he says with a smile.
“Have you seen Luca?” I ask quickly pausing in my stride.
“I believe him and Sophie left a little while ago, it’s good for them to spend some time. together” he says happily.
“That it is” I say excitedly.
‘See you tomorrow” father says giving me a quick hug.

After issuing our thanks to those around us and promising to spend some time with
his family in the morning we finally reach the pack house where it’s quiet.
“To our room” Jax smirks as he lifts me into his arms.
“ our room” I agree as I suck on his marking spot making him hiss in
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