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Bring Your A Game, Mr

Chapter 5
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A lot of people gathered at the Nightwing Circuit at 8.00PM. Today’s race was organized by Danny

and Jamie; the two rich dandies had been at odds in Athesea for a long time.

Alexander was sitting at the entrance to the clubhouse. He had changed into casual wear, but the

elegant and distant air about him made him seem somewhat out of tune with Danny’s circle of

friends. Glancing at the watch on his wrist, he asked with a frown, “Where’s he?”

Danny answered obsequiously at once, “He’s supposed to be here soon, Alexander.” God only

knows how much trouble it took for me to bring the workaholic Alexander here. Jamie, that brat, is

going to suffer a crushing defeat! he thought with a smile before seeing Jamie’s car arrive.

Jamie got out of the driver’s seat first. Then, the passenger door opened. Dressed in gray casual

clothes, the lady slowly walked up to the two men with Jamie, her wavy, long hair hanging loosely

behind her neck.

Only then did everyone get to see the woman’s face. Her fair skin was flawless, and her almond

eyes looked breathtakingly beautiful under the light, as if they could put somebody under their


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The lady was a stunner, but Danny didn’t forget the reason they were here. “Where’s the expert

racer you brought with you, Jamie? I’ve brought my brother here today. Just wait till you lose, you


Jamie chuckled and patted Elise on the shoulder. “Well, I wouldn’t be so sure of that. This lady

here is my boss, and she’ll race against your brother tonight.”

As soon as Jamie finished his sentence, Danny stared at Elise in disbelief. “You mean her? Your

boss, you say? Are you kidding me, Jamie? I’ve brought Alexander here today. How dare you look

down on us?!”

Even Jamie’s friends found him ridiculous. After all, Elise seemed like a delicate and weak young

lady at first glance. They were having a sports car race here, not a toy car race! Besides, the

Nightwing Circuit was famous for how difficult it was to race on it; even the slightest of mistakes

could cost the racers their lives!

Jamie didn’t care what everyone said, though. They’ll have egg on their faces later, anyway.

Elise raised her eyes and looked at Danny, then at Alexander. Then, she deliberately lowered her

voice and said, “Let’s start the race.” After tying up her long hair with a rubber band, she picked up

the helmet on the table and put it on in swift and crisp movements. When she noticed that

Alexander hadn’t moved yet, she asked with a smile, “What’s wrong? Are you looking down on me,

Young Master Alexander?”

Alexander was indeed unwilling to race against a little girl because the outcome was already

predetermined. However, Danny tugged at his sleeve and whispered to him, “I didn’t expect the

expert Jamie brought with him would be a little girl, Alexander. Now that she’s already here, why

don’t you race with her? Just don’t be too harsh on her. After all, she’s a young lady, and a

gorgeous one at that…”

Alexander frowned a little and hesitated for a moment before picking up the helmet on the table.

When the pair got into their respective sports cars on the race track, everyone present felt that the

outcome of the race had already been predetermined. After all, Alexander started racing at the age

of eight.

The rules of the race were simple. The starting line of the track was also the finishing line, and the

circuit was eight kilometers long. Whoever got back to the starting line first would win the race.

The two cars set out together before disappearing at the end of the hillside in just tens of seconds.

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Only then did Alexander realize that he had underestimated the lady. This lady’s really something;

she’s risking her life for the race. It seems that I’ve met my match, he thought. His lips curved up in

a smile, and the look in his eyes became serious.

About ten minutes later, a blue BMW reached the track’s starting line first. It even drifted in a

stylish way before slowly coming to a stop.

Everyone was stunned—Elise was driving the blue sports car.

Jamie gave a loud cheer as he jumped up from his seat. “You’re unbelievable, Boss!”

His friends chimed in behind him, “Holy smokes! That little fairy is awesome!” We’ve won the bet!

they thought.

It wasn’t until almost half a minute later that Alexander’s car came to a stop on the race track.

Danny’s eyes were full of disbelief. To think that Alexander would lose the race! he thought.

Elise got out of the driver’s seat, and Alexander did the same.

She took off her helmet and said with a smile, “You’ve lost.” She had to admit that it was quite

thrilling to beat Alexander.

Alexander looked quite displeased, though. He shot a glance at the woman before him, saying,

“Let’s have another race.” He had never been defeated in a motor race. Not only was this the first

time, but he even lost to a woman.