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After Dirvorce I become a SheEO by Vada Weeks

Chapter 12
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After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 12

By 8 April 20238 April 20234 min read

After Dirvorce I become a SheEO Chapter 12

Chapter 12 The Conceited Mr. Russo

“Zayla, you go against me just to attract my attention.”

Zayla found it ridiculous. “Mr. Russo, it’s good to have confidence, but blind confidence is not


She had to admit that Simon was qualified to be arrogant, but she wouldn’t buy it!

“Zayla, I’m giving you a chance to turn back!” He always felt that she seemed to be getting further away

from him Chance?

“Simon, you should give up on this idea!”

Her cold words made him lose his breath for a moment.

Zayla furrowed her delicate brows and tried her best to break free from Simon’s hand, but because she

used too much strength, she slapped him in the lower jaw.

The sound was enough to attract the attention of the crowd around them.

Taking this chance, Zayla pushed Simon away and took a few steps back, keeping a distance from him!

Simon frowned and looked at her coldly, the tip of his tongue touching his cheeks. “Zayla, you are the

first one who dares to attack me.”

“Mr. Russo, you flatter me. I am just paying it back.” The bruises on the back of Zayla’s hand had not

completely dissipated.

At this time, a clear and low voice came from not far away…

“Simon, don’t forget the Conference on the Construction of Sea Museum at 4 p.m.” Conference on the

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Construction of Sea Museum? The Russo Group aimed at this project? Zayla wondered.

Zayla raised her head and looked at the place where the voice came froin, only to see that the man had

turned around and left.

Simon was stunned and swallowed back the words he was about to say!

Zayla looked at the stalwart back and her gaze fell on the bracelet on his wrist. It was him!

Zayla ran quickly in the direction of the parking lot…

Simon stood where he was and sniffed the remaining fragrance in the air… A sharp pain hit him. It was

a feeling he had never experienced before. He frowned and stared at Zayla’s back. She was pretty, but

she was getting farther away from him.

“There is nothing that I can’t get if I want it.”

Based on his understanding of Zayla, he firmly believed that she was just being affected by anger!

When she calmed down, she would turn back and beg him. This was just a matter of time.

“Zayla, I’ll wait for you.”

Zayla ran into the parking lot, looking for that man.

She would not be mistaken about the man’s back and his bracelet. He was the man who saved her that


Zayla entered the parking lot and saw him open the car door, preparing to sit in the car! “Wait!”

She ignored the fact that she was still wearing high heels and hurriedly ran up, but she accidentally

sprained her ankle!


With a stagger, she fell heavily forward!

Just when she thought that she would fall, a palm firmly held her slender waist! “I heard you tell me to

wait, so you don’t have to rush.”

Zayla opened her eyes and saw a handsome face. His fragrance was pleasant.

If Simon’s aura was like surging waves, then the man in front of her was like a boundless ocean. But he

was also extremely terrifying. He would never be ignored in the crowd.

“Sorry, and thank you.” Zayla stood firm and took two steps back.

“Sorry, and thank you?” He looked at her calmly, the corners of his lips slightly curved Zayla nodded

slightly and explained, “I apologize for my recklessness just now. I saw that you were going to get in the

car, and I was worried that I would not be able to catch up if you left. After all, the car is much faster.

Thank you for saving me again.”

“Again?” The man said with a half–smile, “You are a grateful person, but I didn’t mean to let you thank


As soon as he finished speaking, he walked toward the direction where Alphard was parked. When he

reached the front of the car, he stopped.

“If you really want to thank me, then stay as far away from my nephew as possible.”

The surroundings were quiet. His words were like a boulder that smashed heavily onto the surface of

the lake!

Zayla thought she had heard it wrong!

His nephew? Simon?

It turned out that he was Simon’s uncle who had never appeared, Lincoln Nash!

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